The present Part II, Data Analysis and Report Writing, consists of 13 modules. These training modules on data analysis, report writing, and planning for implementation of recommendations, to a still larger extent than those on the development of a research proposal, can be used in a flexible way, depending on:

  • the educational level and research experience of the course participants;
  • the type of study conducted and type(s) of data collection techniques used; and
  • the state in which the data are at the onset of the data analysis and report writing workshop.

If participants have some previous training in research methodology and statistics, and research experience, presentations of modules may be short. In this case the purpose of presenting is mainly to refresh the participants? memories and to guide them towards correct application of appropriate analysis procedures and tests. Some modules may then be combined or shortened.

If participants have neither training nor experience in research, the presentation of the materials in the modules may have to be restricted to the bare essentials required to handle the data that has been collected. Under these circumstances presentations may take longer and should include ample opportunity for asking questions and for classroom exercises.

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Publisher: WHO/IRDC, 2003