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The key objectives of the current phase of the program include:

  • Consolidate platforms for stakeholder/partner coordination;
  • Carry out advocacy for government and partners to allocate resources for HRH;
  • Develop and implement regional training programmes (ICT enables/ eLearning/ mLearning) in collaboration with partners and Ministries of Health;
  • Collaborate with partners to conduct follow-up activities for trained HRH;
  • Periodically revise training programmes and document best practices

5th Anglophone HSS Training AITC
5th Anglophone HSS Training AITC

In the current Phase of the program entails the following activities:

  • Review/updating LMG-HSS training materials from Phase 1 and re-writing the same for ICT enabled distance learning (process completed);
  • Conversion of LMG-HSS modules into eLearning/mLearning for the delivery of regional online trainings and pre-testing of the same (process completed);
  • Piloting of the content and ePlatform in selected East and West African countries (process on-going);
  • Roll out/ Implement the eLMG-HSS course in collaboration with partners across 41 African countries;
  • Monitor and Evaluate trainee progress and provide mentorship and support supervision;
  • Roll out the advocacy strategy for governments and development partners to allocate more resources to LMG-HSS capacity building;
  • Document best practices.