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Pages-from-HIV-Testing-Commodity-Guide-VCTThis publication provides practical guidance on commodity management issues related to establishing, managing, and scaling up HIV counseling and testing services at both national and point-of-service levels. The document provides practical guidance on:

  • Selecting HIV test kits and other essential commodities for HIV counseling and testing services
  • Estimating quantities of HIV test kits for procurement and selecting suppliers
  • Storage management, stock control, and record keeping
  • Assuring the quality of HIV test kits, and ensuring that HIV commodities are used safely and appropriately
  • Commodity management considerations for implementing changes in national HIV testing algorithms.

The guide also contains real-life case studies from developing countries that outline lessons learned and successful interventions for strengthening commodity management systems to support the scaling up of HIV counseling and testing services

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Publisher: MSH/FHI, 2008